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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the weight and size recommendations of PetBuckle?
There are two ways to size the harnesses to your dog: weight-based sizing and chest circumference sizing. PetBuckle offers two separate retail schemes to address both sizing methods.

Weight-Based Sizing
Retailers and pet owners generally prefer weight-based sizing as it enables quicker product choices. Pet owners choose weight-based sizing because they are usually aware of the weight of their dogs but not the chest circumference. Retailers appreciate this approach because they can carry only two harnesses and still support dogs of all sizes. *

Small Breed: Fits dogs 20 pounds or less *
Standard Size: Fits dogs over 20 pounds *

* There are some extremely small and extremely large dogs that will not fit into PetBuckle products.

Chest Circumference Sizing
To properly size the PetBuckle Seat Belt Harness using chest circumference sizing, measure the dog’s chest around the area behind the dog’s front legs. Match the dog’s size to the measurement chart below.

Small Breed: 10-20”
Medium: 20-28”
Large: 28-36”
Extra Large: 36-44”

Q. Are they user friendly, able to attach, detach and change vehicles easily?
Exceptional user friendliness is a key attribute of the PetBuckle harness. Pet owners can very quickly put on and remove the harness, as well as attach it to the vehicle using the seat belt or the Kwik-Connect Tether. The tether allows multiple ways to attach using the vehicle LATCH bar, seat belt or cargo area.

Q. Do the products need to be replaced if involved in a collision?
If a vehicle is involved in a collision, all safety restraints should be replaced, including seat belts and pet harnesses. There may be damage to the restraints that can’t be seen.

Q. Can this product be used on any other animals besides dogs?
While PetBuckle harnesses were designed for dogs, they have the potential for use with other pets of similar size and shape.

Q. Do the products come in different colors?
All of the PetBuckle harnesses and tethers come in standard black. Leash products are available in black, red or blue.

Q. What should I do if a harness breaks?
It would be very unusual for a harness to break. A harness should be inspected each time it is used to look for wear or damage. A harness should be replaced immediately if wear or damage is noticed.

Q. Where do I purchase PetBuckle products?
Visit the “Where to Buy” section of the Web site to find our distributors or contact an IMMI Outdoor sales associate at (888) 937-4626 for purchasing locations and pricing.

Q. How do retail or trade customers get pricing information for PetBuckle products?
Please contact the IMMI Outdoor office, or your sales representative, at (888) 937-4626 to obtain current pricing. Prices apply to standard case quantities only. Orders will be rounded to the nearest standard case quantity.


Q. How do these products protect my dog?
PetBuckle Harnesses: When you restrain your dog with the PetBuckle restraints, you will be less distracted because the dog is stationary. PetBuckle will also reduce the potential for your pet to interfere with your driving, thereby increasing the safety of passengers and pets by reducing the risk of a collision.

Kennel System Restraints: The Kennel System Restraints are designed to provide automotive quality safety to almost any portable kennel, crate or carrier, reducing the potential of the kennel system containing the pet to be launched during a collision.

PetBuckle Truck Tether: The tether is designed to keep the dog centered and secured in the bed of the truck, preventing the dog from jumping out while the truck is moving or while the dog is still restrained.

Q. Is there a choking hazard for the pet with regular use of the harnesses?
PetBuckle seat belt harnesses have been designed to minimize the potential for choking. With the X-shaped webbing positioned on the dog’s chest, crash forces are transmitted to the strongest part of a dog’s anatomy, the shoulders and rib cage.

Q. Can dogs lie down or put their noses out the window while using the harnesses?
A dog should have room to lie down whether using the seat belt or the tether attachment options. IMMI does not recommend allowing dogs to put their noses out the window as road debris, insects, etc., can injure a dog.

Q. How much room do the dogs have to move around?
PetBuckle seat belt harnesses can be secured to the vehicle with the vehicle’s seat belt or with the Kwik-Connect Tether. The seat belt option allows the least amount of movement, while the tether allows for greater freedom of movement. The best safety practice, when using the tether, is to adjust it to the shortest length but still allow some freedom of movement for comfort. Remember: the more freedom of movement, the more likely a dog can strike something in the vehicle if you are in an accident.


Q. Do any states require dogs to be secured in a travel harness?
Few states list any laws directly related to pets. California has laws requiring pets to be restrained when transported in the back of pick-up trucks. Most states have laws and fines related to driver distraction. Specifically, laws and fines discourage allowing unrestrained dogs to distract drivers by riding on their laps or wandering around the vehicle.