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Seat Belt Harness | Kennel System Restraints | Truck Tether

Kennel System
Product Features
The PetBuckle Truck Tether keeps your dog securely attached and restrained in the back of your truck.
EASY TO USE: The easy-to-use system quickly attaches to the metal loops provided in the bed area of most trucks, and the web releases by the push of a button.

DURABLE DESIGN: The hooks feature strong steel cores with polypropylene molding to protect the truck’s finish.

VERSATILE: The tether’s adjustable length fits most sizes of pick-up trucks. PetBuckle Truck Tether components

Dog in the bed of a truck wearing a PetBuckle Truck Tether


It is recommended that you use the PetBuckle Truck Tether in conjunction with the PetBuckle Seat Belt Harness.