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Secure with Confidence - Quality Approved
In answer to an emerging need for pet restraints, IMMI, a leading manufacturer of seat belt systems for heavy trucks, child restraints and other markets, developed PetBuckle restraints to be the first automotive quality seat belt harnesses for pets. PetBuckle helps prevent driver distraction thereby increasing the safety of passengers and pets by reducing the risk of a collision. IMMI has applied its 40+ years of experience designing, testing and manufacturing safety restraints to produce the best pet restraints available.

PetBuckle seat belt harnesses are the industry’s only automotive quality pet travel products, designed to provide crash-tested safety. PetBuckle provides pet owners with the products needed to drive with confidence, knowing their pets are securely restrained.

PetBuckle brand safety systems are made with automotive grade components and are tested using the same test equipment used to test restraints found on commercial trucks, child restraints and school buses

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PetBuckle has been tested at the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation (CAPE). During development of all PetBuckle products, research and development engineers subjected restraints to impact tests to evaluate their crash performance. Successful impact testing earned PetBuckle products the stamp of “Secure with Confidence,” which provides pet parents with the assurance that their pets are secured when they travel.
Convenience and Comfort
Many people do not use travel harnesses due to the difficulty involved. PetBuckle seat belt harnesses are one of the easiest harnesses to put on and take off. The seat belt harness simply slides over the dog's head and buckles on his back. For comfort, the harness is designed to cross over the dog's chest in order to prevent choking or cinching the dog's abdomen area.
Leaders In Safety
For more than 4 decades, IMMI has been protecting families throughout the world with our safety restraint systems. From a baby in a car seat to a trucker on the road, from a passenger in the car to a student riding in a school bus, IMMI has a specially designed and tested restraint system to help keep every member of your family safe. For more information about IMMI, please visit